GooMover LIVE on My Store

GooMover is now being sold on Mike Lindell’s legendary “My Store“. With the recent affiliate partnership of the “Mama Bear” movement, GooMover is offering a percentage of the proceeds of each sale to support Get a GooMover today and be a part of the movement to save America’s kids from the Transgender/Sexual reassignment surgery nightmares being propagated in our public schools and now in legislation in some of our states.

Go to the website NOW and find out how you can get involved. Remember it may be other peoples kids and grandkids right now, but if you do nothing and they are allow to advance it will be YOUR children and grandchildren soon.

Join the movement and be one of the million women to march on the Mall of DC next year. When we join ranks we don’t have to be afraid of the bully minority of the far left, who are being active while you are not.

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