First scraper blade

for the broom handle.



No more bending down to scrape something stuck on the floor.

New spot cleaning tool for the broom or mop


  • Fits on the handle of most brooms and mops
  • Comes with two wedges to fit handles 15/16" all the way to 1" 1/8.
  • Replaceable 2" plastic blades, which won't damage flooring
  • 2 Replaceable 2"x2" cartridges to scrub away any residue
  • GooScrub cartridge pulls the toughest residue from floor
  • GooErase is amazing on cleaning stainless steel.
  • Dampen sponge cartridge with your favorite disinfectant
  • Dishwasher safe in top rack
  • Durable body that outlasts your broom or mop
  • When your broom wears out simply move it to another broom


Worked Great on Our Wood Floors!

From our recent move, our wood floors had a large scuff that we could not get up from hand scrubbing them, after the move. We used the GooMover and it removed the awful mark from our new floors. The GooMover worked great! We're going to give them to our housekeepers.

Paul Y

Awesome Scraper Power!!!

I love using my new GooMover! It makes it so easy to scrape up junk on the floor. No more using my fingernail. I was surprised to see how the GooMover fits on the end of my broom handle perfectly. That makes it so easy! I also really like the eraser pad for scuffs. It's a super helpful tool to have around!

Luke B

Goomover is Good

This is an excellent product!! Been trying it out over the last month. ...way better than bending over to clean the floor!!! I posted a close up video showing how this thing works. My 7th grade daughter made triple chocolate cookies and left some "nice" piles of residue on the floor. I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to show the world how this thing works. Try it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Troy Poole

Dad loved it!

we own a restaurant and every year we do a deeeeeep clean of the business b4 we close for 3 weeks. my dad is 81 years old and we dont like to see him on his hands and knees scrubbing ANYTHING, so when he mentioned that he was going to be in charge of the whole floor I piped up that I had this product. all u need is a long pole... like the 1 u would get with a commercial mop. luckily we had a wooden pole just lying around, so we attached this product very easily to the end and went to town on the floor. he did not need to use the wedges that are included in the box to make this attachment stick to the pole. he really liked using the scrubber on the floor. he isn't a huge fan of the magic eraser, but he did try using. he told me how much easier it made the floor cleaning experience. I was just glad he wasnt down on his hands and knees scrapping up the tiny ground in spots. overall, I would say this was a winner for us. I hope this was helpful.


Effective cleaning

There's one thing I don't like about the GooMover First Ever Scraper Blade for Broom or Mop Handles - The Original Spot Cleaning Kit with Attachments - Scrape The Sticky Goo & Gunk Off Floors. There are no instructions included; you have to go to their website. Then you have to watch videos. There are no simple, static obstructions. This obscures that the pieces are easy to assemble, easy to fit on a broom handle, and work simply.

At the same time, this works great. It easily scraped up a few stubborn messes on my floor. Being able to attach it to a long handle saves my back.

Overall, I do like this product a lot. It's simple and effective. But putting some instructions in the box would make it even better.


Get The Goo

Helps me get the goo. I am using this for getting tape residue off of my wood floor. Easy to use. Good results.

Professor H

Gets the goo out

Goo gets on my laminate floor. Not sure how that happens. I suppose a label sticks to my shoe and then gets deposited on the floor and I don't catch it. So this helps scrape it off.

Joanna D

Comes In Handy !

No handle is provided with this product. I went to the dollar tree and got one and let me tell you it worked out. I am able to scape the grout from my kitchen floors with ease. I didn't think how handy it could be. It is small but pretty tough.


Coolest product ever

So glad I picked this up, didn't think I would need it till I read the description of what it was. Will save your back over and over again. So simple attaches to broom or mop handle and scrape and clean away. Easily removes stickers on tile. Amazing product.

Mrs. M

Helps an aching back

I have nice oak floors. There are certain people that like to decorate them with all manner of things from shoe marks to dry jelly, and some things I just do not care to know anything about.

GooMover fits on my broom handle and makes short work of most mess. There is a coarser cartridge as well as more of a polishing cartridge.



Great little floor scrubber for those hard to get up spots and for a nice deep clean of the kitchen floor.

The Tattooed Mom

No more butter knives

My dad used to sweep and mop our kitchen floor. He always had a butter knife to scrap goo. Dad passed away a year ago. I wish I had a goomover for him during all the years he scrapped the floor. This is a great tool.

Kenneth Flo

Works Flawlessly With Ease!

As you get older and a little stiffer, this product help is what you need to keep your house clean.
Highly recommended!


Makes cleaning easier!

It is very easy to put on the end of your broom or your mop. The scraper part scrapes off all sticky and crusty type things that are on your floor. It saves your back from having to bend over. Easy to use. I highly recommend this to add to your arsenal of cleaning tools. Especially for moms that are always cleaning up after their little kiddos. It cleans off sticky substances like pancakes with syrup mashed into the floor The other messes that your kids and significant others make!

Glorious Appearing


Brooms or Mops

Turn your standard broom or mop into a multifunction spot cleaning device. Transform your cleaning into a convenient experience. Why risk back and knee injuries, while you clean your floor? The GooMover is a simple but innovative tool, which makes bending over a thing of the past.

Plastic Scraper Blades

Plastic scraper blades are fast becoming the latest in floor care products. No one wants to damage those beautiful hard woods, with a metal scraper blade. The GooMover has replaceable Plastic Scraper Blades. Making it easy to clean tough spots stuck on your flooring.

New Cleaning Products

The GooMover is the first ever scraper blade for the broom or mop handle, making it one of the best new cleaning product on the market. No one has this versatility or flexibility to transfer the product from your old broom or mop to a new one. This is one of the hotest brand new cleaning products on the market.

Floor Cleaning Products

Use your favorite floor cleaning spray to dampen the scrub cartridge and now your are sanitizing the spot as your scrape, scrub and sweep it away. Sanitizing that filthy spot on your floor never got easier. No more bending down on your hands and knees.

GooMover Kit


GooMover Body

Two Wedges that fit handles

(15/16" all the way to 1" 1/8)

GooScrub Replaceable Cartridge 2" X 2"

GooErase Replaceable Cartridge 2" X 2"

Replaceable Plastic Blade

(Won't Damage Most Softer Flooring Types)

goomover fits popular brands like:

Libman - O Cedar - Rubbermaid - Great Value -Quickie - Clorox - Cassabella - PLUS MORE!

The Kit contains two wedges. One labeled "L" for Large and one labeled "S" for Small. When laid along side the handle of the broom you can slide the body over the handle and the wedge simultaneously to fit handle 15/16" all the way to 1 1/8"