First of it’s kind – New floor cleaning product

Ever been cleaning your kitchen floor and come to some hardened or sticky clump of food, which your broom cannot sweep away? Now you have to stop and find something to scrape it up, but you don’t want to accidentally scratch your flooring. You need a plastic scraper blade to get the job done. Problem is, now you’re going to have to bend down and get on your hands and knees to do the job. Possibly damaging your floor or body just to clean that pesky spot.

What if there was a tool that potentially kept you from damaging that beautiful flooring and prevented you from hurting your knees and back? What if there was a device that turned your broom into a multifunction cleaning tool that solved both of those frequent problems? Well finally someone came up with the solution to both in one small spot cleaning tool that can fit on the handle of your broom or mop, and can be transferred to a new one when the old one wears out. That product is called the GOOMOVER.

This revolutionary spot cleaning tool has replaceable plastic scraper blades to get the hard stuff and 2”x2” scrubber cartridges to remove any residue. Keeps you from having to get down on your hands or knees to scrape something from the floor.

It simply slides over your broom or mop handle and turns it into a multifunction tool. Fits most standard sized handles from 15/16″ up to 1″1/8″ in diameter. The plastic blades are made of ABS plastic, to prevent scratching of most softer flooring types. The GooMover stays on your broom or mop handle for when you come to something stuck on your floor (i.e. gum, food, and paint). The scrub cartridge is great for stubborn spots, and the eraser cartridge is great for cutting grease on smooth surfaces like stainless steel.

This is a brand new, “Never Been Seen”, first of it’s kind cleaning product that will revolutionize the cleaning industry, and you can get one right now.

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